Walt Disney World Orlando Part 6 - Animal Magic- Region Free DVD. (NEW).

All New Footage - Filmed using Hi Definition equipment- Adapted for viewing on a standard 16:9 Television

Available in PAL, NTSC and Hi-Definition Blu-Ray

One Hour Twelve Minutes of pure Walt Disney World Florida Magic on one Region Free DVD.

Marvel at the Animal Kingdom in all it's tropical authenticity and attention to detail. Feel what it's really like to be in Africa and Asia. Walt Disney once called Disneyland the most wondrous place on Earth, and he wasn't wrong!

This DVD takes you to place after place and attraction after attraction and features full rides, shows and attractions that let you experience the following:

(all pictures taken directly from the DVD).........

The Streets of Harambe.

If you've been to Kenya or Tanzania then you'll know how realistic these streets and buildings are. Even the plants, trees and birds give you the impression you're in some East African village. The sound of rhythmic African drums complete the picture. Includes the titles and Discovery Island.


Running Time 3:51

The Tree of Life.

Incredible man-made 145 foot structure covered with 325 animal images seemingly carved from the wood itself and topped with thousands of plastic but lifelike leaves. See how many animals you can spot! 


Running Time 1:46

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.

Join Mickey and the gang for a rumble in the jungle. Follow the caravan of crazy vehicles, tall animals and terrific music that gets you dancing in the streets. One of the better parades on Er.... 'parade'.


Running Time 11:09

It's Tough to be a Bug.

4D show that get the adults rolling in the aisles with laughter and the kids screaming and peering between clenched fingers. Brilliant 3D effects with the added 'D' of an odd splash of some insect gunge and the feeling that bugs are crawling all over you. Leave the kids with an adult or tie them to a bench but don't miss this show. Meet the stars of the show on the way out too!


Running Time 8:38

The Wildlife Express to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

Jump aboard the rickety old train to Rafiki's Conservation area (the only way to get there). Meet some more crawlies in the conservation area (all thankfully behind glass) and then on to the petting station (known as the affection section) for some more animals of the cuddlier variety.


Running Time 6:00


The sights and sounds of Asia recreated in splendid accuracy (at least the essence of what Asia is all about). The tranquil village of Anandapur was inspired by villages in Thailand and Indonesia and is the hub for some thrilling encounters close by.


Running Time 1:24

Expedition Everest.

An old tea train chugs up and around the peaks of Everest when suddenly the track comes to a worrying twisted mangled mess with no way forward. The only way is back (and down) and at some speed too. To make things worse the Yeti is close by, tearing up more track. The exit from the mountain is guaranteed to get you wondering why you decided to board this train in the first place. Your intrepid photographer got the scary shots (he also edited out his screams) and won't be doing it again in a hurry. If you like to risk your heart then this is the ride for you!.


Running Time 3:44

Kali River Rapids.

A rapid look (yes, pun intended) at the white water rafting ride down the turbulent waters of the Chakranadi River. Not recommended for cameras or people who hate to get wet but a fast pass is never-the-less required so a very popular attraction.


Running Time 1:32

Flights of Wonder.

The stars of this show are mainly of the feathered variety with a few humans to tell us the story. A terrific show and recommended to all. If you missed it on your last visit then make sure you catch it the next time you're in the Animal Kingdom. Some of the most exotic birds in the world perform for the audience and the audience get to help out too. If you see nothing else at the Animal Kingdom make sure you see this.


Running Time 24:35

The Bone Yard.

A play maze built around fossils where even the adults get to be young again. A look around Dinoland follows with a ride on Primeval Whirl.

Primeval Whirl.

 A spinning mini coaster that seems to have nothing to do with Dinosaurs but is real fun anyway. It does send you down drops and through Dinosaur jaws so maybe that qualifies it to be part of Chester and Hester's Dino Rama. 


Running Time 3:53

TryceraTop Spin.

 Dumbo style friendly type Dinosaur ride that the kids will love. Up, down and around is about it! 


Running Time 2:22

This is NOT one of those Disney presentations you get free through the door, or a copy of a television programme (like some others offered on eBay). All our DVD's are a faithful representation of the wonder and Joy everyone experiences at this Magical place. You get to experience (or relive) the ACTUAL ride or attraction in it's entirety.

If you haven't been to Walt Disney World Florida then this is the DVD you need to show you what you're missing. Borrow someone's kid and go this year, you are never too old to enjoy the splendour that is The Animal Kingdom.

Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen and in region free format and guaranteed to get you down to the travel agent pronto. Maybe you always wondered what it was like at Walt Disney World Florida's Animal Kingdom, or perhaps you've been there and want a reminder of the great time you had.

A Stereo Soundtrack with faithful sound makes this DVD a 'must have' for all you Disney fans. Although this is a holiday movie it is beautifully edited to give you the true Disney experience.

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