Eurodisney - Disneyland Paris Part 13 - SupercalifagiEuroDisneyland Vacation DVD or Blu-Ray. (New)

All New Footage - Filmed using Hi Definition equipment- Adapted for viewing on a standard 16:9 Television

Available in DVD and Hi-Definition Blu-Ray.

Forty One Minutes of pure Disney Magic on one Region Free DVD. Feel the Magic, Marvel at the attention to detail and wonder at the warmth of it all. Walt Disney once called Disneyland the most wondrous place on Earth, and he wasn't wrong!

This DVD takes you to place after place and attraction after attraction and features full attractions that let you experience the following:

(all pictures taken directly from the DVD).........

The Main Street Jazz Band.

As you enter Main Street you bump into all manner of entertainment. This time we encounter the Main Street Jazz Band playing a catchy tune which puts you into the holiday mood straight away.


Running Time 4:46


The Wild Wild West beckons us, and you can't be disappointed in this authentic setting. Grab yourself a stetson at the local hardware store to really get into the mood. You can even grab a realistic looking sidearm if yer fearin for your life.

Fort Comstock contains Legends of the Wild West, a wax works type look at some of some of the characters that existed in the 1800's .


Running Time 2:16

Big Thunder Mountain.

Climb aboard your rickety old mine train for a hair raising ride around the newly refurbished Big Thunder Mountain. Seems to get faster every year or maybe I'm just getting older?


Running Time 4:32

The Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery.

We Take a brief look at the Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery where, having inserted our two Euros, we endeavour to hit various targets, some even moving, only to be disappointed that we didn't hit a single cactus. Just as well we didn't buy that sidearm, who knows what damage we could have inflicted.


Running Time 0:27

The Lucky Nugget Saloon.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon really takes you back to the wild west...... until

The Gold Rush Gang Show.

The Gold Rush Gang Show is Mickey and his friends entertaining us in the form of a puppet show. I'm sure this would not have happened in the wild west but..... enjoyable all the same.


Running Time 8:00

Phantom Manor.

Still as spooky as ever. We take a different look at the house of ghosts.


Running Time 8:55

The Thunder Mesa Riverboat.

The refurbished Thunder Mesa Riverboat is our next port of call (yes, pun intended). Look out for the fisherman with the broken leg who no longer has a dog, but at least the geyser is now working. A gentle, relaxing voyage around Thunder Mountain and along most of Frontierland.


Running Time 5:22

The Liberty Arcade.

The Liberty Arcade is the more crowded of the two arcades, mainly because of it's great range of shopping experiences. The Arcade is a back door entry to all of the main street left hand side shops and eateries. If you can't find that special Disney gift or keepsake here then you are very hard to please.


Running Time 3:14

This is NOT one of those Disney presentations you get free through the door, or a copy of a television programme. All our DVD's are a faithful representation of the wonder and Joy everyone experiences at this Magical place. You get to experience (or relive) the ACTUAL ride or attraction in it's entirety.

If you haven't been to Disneyland Paris then this is the DVD you need to show you what you're missing. Borrow someone's kid and go this year, you are never too old to enjoy the splendour that is Disneyland Paris.

Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen and in region free format and guaranteed to get you down to the travel agent pronto. Maybe you always wondered what it was like, or perhaps you've been there and want a reminder of the great time you had.

A Stereo Soundtrack with faithful sound makes this DVD a 'must have' for all you Disney fans. Although this is a holiday movie it is beautifully edited to give you the true Disney experience.

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